The Call is Coming from Inside the House

Remember that movie '“When a Stranger Calls”? I vaguely remember watching it. I think the premise is that the babysitter is in the house with sleeping children and keeps getting these phone calls and the police get involved and they trap the line and find that the danger is inside already, threatening the babysitter and her young charges. I don’t remember much about the movie (I was only seven when the movie released in 1979), but I remember being really scared wondering how she was going to get the children from upstairs without running into the murderer.

Today is 9/11. This is a day when we are supposed to reflect on the tragedy of the terrorist attack that killed more than 3,000 people in New York City. We’re supposed to think about patriotism and service and what this grand country means to us. Reader, the call is coming from inside the house.

Our government is in a shambles right now. Moscow Mitch is refusing to bring to the floor any measure that the President doesn’t agree with. He’s effectively hamstrung our Congress. Our court systems have been loaded with judges whose grasp of the Constitution seems tenuous at best, although I’m not surprised that they are only enforcing the parts they agree with. People have been doing that with the bible forever now. And the President, well. That’s a shit show of epic proportions.

The President has invited the Taliban to come to Camp David the week of the 9/11 anniversary. While I don’t agree with the fetishization of the anniversary, if nothing else, inviting the Taliban dudes into the country this week is in poor taste. But it is more than that. Our country has a history of not negotiating with terrorists. People have died for that. And now he wants to invite them into the fucking living room and feed them dinner while negotiating some kind of peace deal?

How do those Taliban dudes fly anyway? One would think that the leaders of the Taliban are at the top of the No Fly List. Or are we, the taxpayers, picking up the bill for them to be flown over in a private jet, with overnight accommodations at Trump Ireland?

I want to know how that negotiation would have gone.

“We agree not to kill the poppy growers in your country if you stop shooting little girls in the head because they want an education.”

“We’ll pull out of Iraq if you stop stoking civil war between the different factions of the Muslim religion.”

“We’ll sell you guns if you stop killing homosexuals. Oh, you know what? Don’t worry about that one. We don’t like the gays either.”

“We’ll let you jack up the price of oil so that you make a bigger profit if you don’t send anymore bombs to embassies and office buildings.”

It seems weird for me to say “this is utter madness” with anything in regards to a sitting President. But reader? This is utter madness. And in a term where we’ve had porn star mistress payoffs, rants about different celebrities, and “grab ‘em by the pussy,” that’s saying a lot.

Deep down, I’m tired. I’m tired of a Congress hopelessly gridlocked by one guy. I’m tired of being embarrassed by the President of my country. I’m tired of needing to call my congresspersons on a regular basis to make sure my children aren’t dropped from their insurance.

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